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As addiction becomes a more prevalent and serious problem in the United States, our team of professionals are welcoming a growing number of individuals who require an addiction recovery program. Our group of drug rehab centers specialize in individualized addiction recovery plans with an emphasis on dual diagnosis for those with co-occurring disorders. At our addiction treatment facility in Oakland, California, safety is our priority, which is why supervised detoxification is the standard for all clients.


Treatment plans at our Oakland, California drug rehab clinic center around therapy, both individual and group sessions, in a safe and comfortable environment. Skilled professionals at our facilities go through extensive training to provide compassionate care and encourage open communication between staff and clients. We are committed to providing quality care for the duration of every individual’s stay at our addiction recovery center, and we work hard to ensure that our clients receive the aftercare they need for long term recovery.


Our commitment to client safety begins with health evaluations upon arrival, before proceeding with supervised detox. Detoxification can trigger withdrawal symptoms, so detoxing among caring staff members can provide the support necessary to complete detox within our drug detox clinic. Some individuals, particularly those who are long time users, experience serious side effects from withdrawal, and additional treatment may be required. With 24-hour supervision, clients undergoing detox always have staff on hand to call for help if any issues arise.


One of the most important aspects of our recovery program is individual therapy. Clients at our Oakland, California substance abuse treatment facility meet one on one with counselors who work with individuals to understand what led them to initial substance abuse and eventual addiction. Our therapists are trained to recognize clients who can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment by identifying those who are dealing with both addiction and a co-occurring disorder.


Because of the complicated relationship between addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, dual diagnosis mental health treatment may be worked into some client’s plans in order to ensure they do not slip back into addiction as a result of the symptoms of untreated mental health concerns. It is also important to address mental and behavioral disorders that develop as a result of substance abuse in order to help clients lead a happy and fulfilling drug-free life in the future.


Group therapy is a core component of treatment at our addiction recovery facility, and it allows clients to feel like participants in the wellbeing of their peers who are also struggling with addiction. Each group session is led by a trained professional who can direct conversations among small groups of clients. A variety of topics are discussed, but the sessions offer a chance for clients to offer words of wisdom as well as constructive criticism to their peers. These sessions also serve as a reminder that no one is alone in their fight against addiction.


Completing an addiction recovery program is only the beginning of the battle against addiction, and maintaining recovery can require a lifetime of work. We want clients to recognize that we’ll continue to provide them with support after they’ve left our Oakland, California drug rehab facility, and we are able to provide recommendations for aftercare treatment options that can maximize every individual’s chance at long lasting success. Sober living housing facilities provide a transitional step for many individuals before returning home, especially if the individual’s home might trigger use. Continued therapy and the support of others who have struggled with addiction can help decrease the chance of relapse.


Addiction is a serious problem with an increasing number of victims throughout the country. At our addiction treatment center in Oakland, California, our professional staff are committed to helping our clients safely abstain from controlled substances and work on rebuilding their lives for a happy and sober future.

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